Archi Group was established in May of 2006 and evolved into a successful company with partnership network that goes far beyond Georgia. Striving to establish itself as a superior provider of consulting services and real estate projects,  Archi Group and its team of professionals has been very successful in achieving these goals.

Archi Group readily solves all the issues that companies might face in their early development and throughout their existence. We have implemented many successful investment projects and we are ready to help our clients make profitable investments. Some of our biggest partners were our customers at first, with whom we managed to establish long-lasting relationships. We are currently interested in pursuing construction and development projects with our partners and clients. The strategy is to help investors find projects worth investing in, assist them with management and provide consulting.

Trust, integrity, loyalty, perseverance and smart implementation of projects are not something we just believe in. It is something we integrate in our everyday operations and relationships with our associates and customers.