Shovi fit life is unique weight loss and health program which gives to its participants a possibility to spend and relax for 20 days in wonderful mountains of Racha, where you can find perfect environment for concentrating all your time and attention on personal mental and physical health.

The purpose of the program is not just achievement of short term target. We aim to give to our participants the skills and habits of healthy life style, to make them able to sustain such life style during whole life.

Program include:

  • Medical research in Endocrinology institute of Georgia;
  • Consultation of endocrinologist and preparing individual nutrition plans;
  • Full board with Healthy and tasty dishes prepared by professional cook;
  • Assistance of the professional trainer during whole program. Weight loss massaging;
  • Entertaining program that includes:
    • Hiking;
    • Team sports;
    • Culinary master classes;
    • Meetings and discussions with professionals in healthy life style;

To register on program contact us: