HistoryResort Shovi was established in 1926. Just in one year the resort became extremely popular not only in Georgia and the Post Soviet Union but in Eastern Europe. Later there were 16 types of mineral waters discovered in Shovi. The resort is suited in Upper Racha, on the shore of river Chanchakhi.

Shovi is located 1650 meters above sea level and belongs to alpine resorts. On the north the resort is surrounded by high mountains of the Caucasus with an average height of 4000 meters. On the south, west and east it is crossed by mountain range of Caucasus. Such location protects the area from the cold winds of North.

Shovi territory is well known with its woods full with various wild birds and animals such as: Caucasian goat, chamois, roe, bear, wolf, fox, rabbit, squirrel, marten, lynx, wild Caucasian turkey, Caucasian heath cock, etc.

Shovi is located in alpine resort zone of subtropical moist region of West Georgia and is characterized by with mountainous subtropical climate. The average temperature is +4, +5 c˚, relative moisture 78 %-80%, the number of annual sediment - 1100mm.

Winter is quite cold in Shovi, the average temperature for this period ranges from – 10 to -13 c˚. Summer is cool and pleasant. The warmest months are July and August when the temperature is +16 +20 c˚. The Sun is shining for 8-10 hours per day. Because of high location and fresh air, the sun shine has great ultraviolet emanation that is widely used for curing medication, especially for the people who lack D vitamin. For this reason Shovi was known as a medical resort.

Shovi is also famous with its mineral waters diversified composition of minerals (calcium, sodium, hydro carbonate of magnesium). These springs are used for medication of several deceases such as anemia, low pressure, bronchial glands and others.

Location of the resort provides great opportunities for the development of sport varieties such as alpinism, skiing, rafting, etc.